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Hi, I'm Kristy! 

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                       Your next Showit Web Designer & Online Business Manager (+ your personal hype girl).

Taking you from overwhelmed biz owner to confident and crushing it CEO.  Together, we’ll streamline your operations so you can scale your business and crush your goals. 

Feel totally overwhelmed trying to juggle everything your growing business needs?

Have a list of great ideas and projects but no time (or tech know-how) to actually implement them?

have a website you would rather hide than give out to clients because it doesn't truly reflect the quality services you offer?

But tell me, do you...

I get it...
You are a total BOSS - talented, driven and have an amazing business that is growing rapidly (or maybe not as rapidly as you would prefer)...

"Kristy is a lifesaver!"

Having a go-to OBM that executes super quickly, while not needing a ton of guidance, has been instrumental in streamlining my business processes & lessening my stress! I'd highly recommend Kristy's services to anyone that wants a true partner that genuinely cares about your business! Kristy finds & solves problems before I've even thought about them. Her work ethic, high standards, and extreme level of detail are life savers in my business.  

I love the working relationship Kristy and I have, and we work seamlessly together!

Jamie DeMarco, Love Coach

"Kristy has been such a gift to my business and I'm so grateful I found her!"

She genuinely wants to represent her clients in the best way possible. She takes the time and effort as if it were for her own business. Not only has her work been super supportive for my business so that it can grow, but I love the relationship we've built in the process. I feel like Kristy is a big part of my team, I enjoy our meetings, and I know I can rely on her.

Anyone on the fence needs to remember that in order to grow...the space and time and brain capacity have to be there and Kristy's services will give you that space back!

jordan ilderton, business coach

"This isn't just business to Kristy...
it's also her heart that shines through in her dedication!"

Kristy is calm and easy to work with plus she is passionate about helping my business succeed! Her passion for what she does, along with her ability to do things in a timely manner and willingness to go above and beyond to research things she doesn't know yet in order to get it done, has taken stress off me.

Kristy has helped me focus on things I do enjoy, like creating and working with my students, while she handles the back end stuff that is not my greatest strength. She is a great member of my team!

Megan Evans,
Creator of the ms stage

finally have that professional on-brand website that you want to stop and show everyone you pass on the street (Literally!)

finally launch those profitable new offers that have just been sitting on that to-do list gathering dust!

Strategically grow and scale your business with systems and automations that allow you to spend more time in your zone of genius!

It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, and instead, start feeling like the powerhouse CEO that you are!

get ready to...

Ways I can help your business           


you will find my zone of genius right at the intersection of organization and creativity!

My job as your Web Design Consultant and Online Business Manager is to help you strategically grow and scale your business with systems and automations that will help you work less, while you achieve more

I'm a wife, mama, and a Midwestern gal turned Floridian! Special skills include drinking an entire pot of coffee, managing chaos **thank you coffee**, and being able to call out a non New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with just one sip!

I am a recovering perfectionist that puts my heart and soul into everything that I do. I promise I will always treat your business as if it were my own.

I'm Kristy - a giant tech nerd and Showit web designer who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed business owner to confident and crushing it CEO!

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Don't worry, this isn't the kind of quiz that will make your palms sweat!   It’s a fun one that will guide you in choosing the type of package you need to get that high-level, laser-focused support you needed (if we're being honest), like yesterday

Discover what type of support you could benefit from right now!

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For real, it'll feel like magic. Suddenly you will find yourself saying "why didn't I do this sooner?"  Projects that have been on your list for months will be checked off, dreams that lived in your mind will come to life, and you'll have more time back in your day to live that CEO life! 

Step three

Let the Magic Begin

After we have determined what kind of support will be the most beneficial to you and your business, we will finalize all of the details of our partnership. Then we will be ready to begin the onboarding process! The final step will be our Kick-Off Call, where we will officially begin our work together. 

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Create Our Plan of Action

Let's chat!  We will use this free, zero-pressure call to discuss your awesome business and what kind of support you need most most based on both your current needs and long-term growth goals. 

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Book a Free Discovery Call

Working with me is easy, peasy...

You could keep doing things the way you have been... but that's not why you are here!  Fill out my inquiry form below and before you know it, we will be popping the confetti to celebrate together as you crush your business goals!

Let's connect and take this partnership {along with your biz}  to the next level!

Excited to get started with your new business bestie?
Me too!

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